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Life Coaching from a Spiritual Holistic Perspective - from the creator of TRUITY - THE GAME OF LIFE. 

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Dedicated to the constant improvement of the qualityof life and personal fulfilment through ethical spiritual heart aligned right action.  A Holistic aproach to living life on all levels.


CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOPS: Get right to the core of proplems in a FUN way, reveal the truth about why people do what they do and improve communications like no other method you have ever tried.   Hi I'm Lesley H and my speciality is to be able to analyse and interpret large amounts of information relevant to human behaviour.  By utilizing a lifetime of personal experience and skills I am able to cut right to the core of why people have the problems they have.  Once I have grasped the depth of the situation, I present ways to look at, change, manage, adjust or modify behaviour (Behavioural Modification) supporting life to flow and for that individual or organisation to reach their goals.  I am the inventor of the TRUITY – process. Which can be applied by the individual or team after the main issues have been resolved in order they keep moving forward without conflict.   The challenge in teams and individuals is always to perceive the bigger picture, and often what we struggle with is not the real problem requiring attention, this is where I help.  Am I a psychologist? No, Do I have BA in human behaviour? No, instead I have lived a life working to find the truth of human motivation and behaviour, the bigger picture which does include philosophy, bioscience, anatomy and physiology, healing modalities and community stress and disease.  How can you speak with me to see how I can help you? Email me here – or skype me. Team Building, can also incorporate Art as a direction finding, goal setting and remodeling tool. You can read more about this here. Truity_The Tool, During the 3 years of trials Truity was introduced to a wide audience, including Wacol Corrective Services (male and female), Hospitals, Rehabilitation, Private Homes and Government offices. Ten years later it is still being used to shift the thinking and modify beahviour.  In essence I tailor what I do to suit your aim and desired outcome, incorporate that with your business ethic and provide insight which no paper or computer tool can achieve. TRUITY_The Tool - becomes UNIQUELY YOU...

About Lesley's Work - Life is about growing and change, there are natural principles at play most of which you cannot learn out of a text book or in a class room. Over the last thirty years I have been and I still am a student of human behaviour, I love to watch people.  But most of all I am passionate about helping people change and overcome the habits of a lifetime which hold them trapped in self destructive cycles. 

It may seem strange to many the way I work, I don’t use computer analysis, or programs or complex psychological tools.  In fact I don’t use anything other than my instincts and ability to analyse and digest enormous amounts of data which I gather from speaking and watching my clients.  Does this take long I hear you say?  Actually no, I gather information very fast, and often what I discover is not even spoken about in the conversations we have it comes from other aspects of human behaviour observation.

About: Lesley is a multitalented therapist whose expertise covers a wide range of practices.  A healer studying human behaviour, philosophy, bioscience, metaphysics and spiritual practices from early in her life Lesley became a Registered Remedial Therapist in 1991.  In the late 1990's she developed the TRUITY coaching system which is designed to change thinking patterns in a natural way.

Lesley’s passions are helping others cope with day to day life - she is passionate about teaching life skills to children.  Her knowlede and skill gathered from a life time of studdying people and their behavious.  After a bout with Breast Cancer Lesley temporarily stepped out of the busy Corporate environment.  Her cancer was followed by an accidental broken back injury.  However nothing keeps Lesley down, early in 2012 Lesley began experimenting with Art Theraphy and combining her skills as a Councellor, Therapist and Educator to form a new product line.  In 2013 began teaching weekend workshops using the inventive process she calls Flow Art or Just Pouring Paint.  Today Lesley works from her home in Tamworth also mentoring and counselling clients all over the world via Skype. “Trust, Clarity, Success, Wisdom." The four pillars of Heart Consciousness - think differently and empower your life.

There is no one formula to overcoming the challenges life presents us. Every person is different hence the same treatment cannot work for two people. This is where my powerfully unique skills come into action.  I can help you overcome the challenges you face in life and achieve the outcomes you desire. As your mentor, coach, healer and friend, I use a lifetime of experience and expertise to diagnose the root cause of your problem. I will work with you to provide deep understanding and clarity so you are able to incorporate wisdom and trust back into your life, empowering choices and restoring that heart synergy.  When you are operating from Heart Consciousness it creates a synergy which in turn requires only one tenth of the energy to create 10 times the results in daily life outcomes. 

Allow me to support you by providing the healing and insights which will assist you to gain clarity and awareness you need to rise above the challenges life presents by using knowledge as unique as you are to tap into your inner potential revealing the strength to quickly resolve any issue, big or small.

Personal life or Career, fear of the future, trust in relationships, guilt from the past, or even find a deeper meaning in life. Whatever it is worrying you zapping away your personal power, I can help you move past it to achieve personal fulfilment.  As your mentor, coach, healer and friend, I use my experience and expertise to diagnose the root cause of your problem. I will work with you to come up with the ideal solution to your predicament to enable you to restore your body to a state of synergy. Your course through life becomes much easier when your body, mind and spirit are in perfect harmony. I provide a solution based on the problem, not a radical formula for everyone.

To receive an obligation free introductory session please fill in the  Book Appointment Form on this website today.  or call me on Mobile Australia +61417722693

No problem too big or too small. 

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Our Mission

To help you to align to your destiny in a way which brings joy and well being.

Our Values

Honesty, ethical attention to clients situations and seeing people rise above the challenges life hands them. 

Our Solution

Inspire, motivate, empower with added perspective and practical wisdom