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TRUITY the Game of Life Overview


The Tool for development of Critical Thinking Skills.  

While a lot of self-help books, group therapies and the like have been constructed, there are other means that are, safe to say, more fun. Developed by Lesley Kay Williams-Halverson in Australia in 1993, the TRUITY Concept is a new approach and self-help tool for the personal development of Critical Thinking skills. The original concept was published as a board game in 1994 as TRUITY the Game of Life, and believes that change is really on the cards. It is a fun, interactive, and non-competitive board game that can be used as: 

• A team building tool
• A conflict resolution tool
• A therapeutic/self-development tool
• A problem solving tool
• A strategic tool in businesses

It really is pushing the boundaries of empowering oneself. What TRUITY basically does is directly target specific issues and supports communication and honesty. It enables the participants to develop new neural pathways through the TRUITY Process, a patented process initiating that a participant objectively connects past knowledge, experiences, and associations with ethics and morals behind the TRUITY Solution Cards. These may trigger the psychological shifts and development, encouraging participants to look at the bigger picture, find constructive ways to deal with problems, as well as positively resolve conflicts within themselves and peers. Eventually, participants will feel more motivated and energized being able to achieve the kind of life that they always knew they were meant to live.

TRUITY the Game of Life has been used by several associations and institutions like Corrective Services, Wacol Men’s Prison, Wacol Women’s Prison, Child Protections Services, Department of Main Roads, Damascus Rehabilitation Hospital Brisbane, John Paul College Brisbane, Red Cross Canada, British Fire Department, and more. A few other testimonials in Lesley’s website are proof that the TRUITY concept is indeed effective in bringing back the control in people’s lives.

“I know no matter what life throws at me, you always help me see things through clear eyes and get me back on track. Forever grateful.” T.H. of Sunshine Coast

TRUITY the Game of Life cannot, however, be used in corporate trainings, workshops, and life coaching sessions without prior consent and license application. Patents were registered and the trademark TRUITY was registered in Australia and New Zealand.

For inquiries and/or appointments with the developer, please feel free to contact Lesley Williams at +6-2-66542429, +61-417722693, or: email or: drop her a mail at 16 Young Street Safety Beach NSW 2456 Australia. Consultancy fees apply. Refer to Truity.com.au for more details.